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Hank and Jake

Hank and Jake,

Born premature, age 4

Unexpectedly giving birth to premature twins was both a traumatic experience and a blessing for new parents Lisa and Joel. Hank and Jake arrived at just 27 weeks gestation. However, the community hospital where they were born was not equipped to care for the fragile babies. That’s when the Children’s Transport Team stepped in, flying each newborn to London in their own separate helicopter with high-tech transport incubators to ensure their safe arrival.

Lisa and Joel were not able to travel in the helicopters with their sons. When they arrived at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, the boys were settled and calm in their incubators where they stayed for nearly 100 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Today, Hank and Jake are four years old and continue to excel in all areas of developmental milestones. Since they left the NICU they haven’t had any setbacks. The donor-funded, life-saving equipment and incredible care at Children’s Hospital really made a difference for the boys and their parents.

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A research participant who is benefitting from an experimental treatment for type 2 diabetes

With a family history of type 2 diabetes, Greg Ackland was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than six years ago when he underwent an operation for a hernia. He developed a mild infection and, while being treated, his care team discovered his blood sugar levels were high.

Greg started diabetes treatment and was eventually taking four pills per day. “I watched the progression of my medications and thought ‘I’m losing this battle,’” says Greg.

That’s when he heard about the REMIT study on the local news and, after meeting the criteria, he was enrolled. Lawson Health Research Institute is one of seven Canadian sites taking part in the REMIT study with clinical trials held at St. Joseph’s Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism. REMIT consists of a series of clinical trials that tests an aggressive approach in recently diagnosed patients in an attempt to induce remission of the disease. The first two trials in London saw significant interest in participation from those with type 2 diabetes. A third REMIT trial is now being launched providing another opportunity for individuals with type 2 diabetes to take part.

The outcomes of the study have been incredible. Greg has now stopped all medications and his blood sugar levels are good. Thanks to the REMIT study, Greg has a new lease of life and has recommitted to routine exercise, resulting in weight loss and muscle gain.



Meet Tory Struyf, a hardworking mother from Lambton Shores who had to entrust her life to the hand of others

Pregnant for the third time, Tory’s ultrasound revealed the placenta was blocking the baby’s passageway for birth.

At 39 weeks, Tory required a caesarean section where Sarnia doctors cut through the placenta to reach the baby. On February 1, 2017 a healthy baby, Rhett Edward Struyf, was born. Tory’s journey, however, wasn’t over as she continued to bleed uncontrollably and was put on life support.

Tory’s care team conducted three emergency surgeries but she required advanced care in London. She was transported to London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) for a fourth surgery under the care of Dr. Barry MacMillan. She received more than 50 units of blood and was eventually taken off life support.

LHSC helped her regain her strength and in a matter of days she was walking with a walker and able to finally meet her son.




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